Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad
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6 db, több részből álló, műanyag figura Warhammer 40 000 Astra Militarum sereghez. Though much of an infantry regiment is made up of rank-and-file Guardsmen, those soldiers with an affinity for bulky and more complicated weaponry are often gathered together within a dedicated heavy weapons company. Individual squads are then assigned to other companies as platoon-support units, where they bolster the battle line and provide close fire support.

The set makes three Cadian Heavy Weapons Teams, each consisting of a gunner and a loader. Included are the options to equip these teams with any of the following weapons: lascannon, heavy bolter, missile launcher, autocannon or mortar.

This kit is supplied in 123 plastic components and comes with 3 Citadel 60mm round bases.
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