Prepare for Modern English Exams - The Writing Handbook
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This ?handbook provides an introduction to tests of writing ability, and gives guidance on how teachers can assess writing. It looks at how writers write, and what features make a learner's text good, from a testing perspective. It also describes key concepts in assessing writing in teaching and examination settings (for example, the use of rating scales, the importance of ensuring reliable scores and how to do this).


The handbook provides a range of different writing tasks, together with a description of what the main features of these tasks are and how teachers can create similar writing tasks. It also presents scripts produced by real learners, which are annotated with rater's comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the scripts.


This volume focuses on the most frequent writing tasks used in modern Enlish language tests. The publication serves as a tool for professional development, gives advice on how teachers can their students for the writing section of modern European English examinations, includes a variety of writing practice tasks, and will be a valuable resource for classroom practice.
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