Into Europe - The Speaking Handbook + DVD
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This ?handbook provides an introduction to the assessment of speaking ability. It is aimed at those language teachers who need to learn how to design, administer or prepare students for tests of speaking ability. The authors discuss what may influence test taker's oral performance, and describe how to design test tasks, including guidelines for designing interview questions, picture description tasks, role plays and discussion activities. They stress the importance of the roles of interlocutor and assessor in speaking assessments, and the Handbook presents a step-by-step description of the procedures that schould be used in the training of interlocutors and assessors. The Handbook is accompained by a DVD that illustrates various speaking activities in different examination modes (individual vs. paired exams). In addition, it includes a selection of benchmarked performances representing different levels on the Common European Framework, which have been assessed by a group of experts. The expert's comment are included in the Handbook. Language teachers who are required to design test tasks and administer speaking examinations will find the Handbook an indispensable guide to assessing EFL learners' oral language ability in both classroom and exam situations.
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